Why Maternity?

I have been thinking about this question a lot over the last several weeks and continue to find more questions then answers honestly.

I truly didn’t understand pregnancy until I was in that phase of my life. When my twin sister was pregnant, I was completely creeped out by it. I don’t know if it was because it was kinda like watching myself be pregnant, because you know - identical twins. It was weird. But my poor sister had to endure me calling my nephew a parasite for most of her pregnancy. I watched several friends and colleagues experience that part of their lives as well and just didn’t get it. I loved babies but the belly was just plain ol’ strange to me.

Then fast forward to my husband and I making the decision to start a family. We thought this was going to be easy as pie… how wrong we were. After a couple months of trying we got a positive result on a pregnancy test and were over the moon. However within a couple of days, our hopes were dashed. I had a miscarriage and it was devastating. And scary. And worrisome. I decided to become much more proactive because I had just felt so helpless the month before. We sought out a fertility acupuncturist and started treatments. Things still didn't progress quickly and it was 8 months before we got another positive result. We found out in Vegas no less! But it was such a process to conceive. And thankfully I had an easy pregnancy but the whole time I was just on this roller coaster of emotions. Was she ok, was I going to be a good mom, what would she look like, was I still pretty, I was a mess!!! Towards the end of my pregnancy I was fortunate to connect with an amazing photographer and had my own maternity session. That experience was amazing, I got to wear pretty dresses, talk about my daughter arriving, feel pampered. It was great. And started something that I wanted to duplicate for other moms.

Image by Aubrey Lynn Photography

Image by Aubrey Lynn Photography

Other events have also impacted my why. In this country of ours, with all of our progress and technology, infant mortality is still not zero. Pregnancy is still a vey dangerous time of life. This year alone I have experience the unexpected death of a colleague who experienced complications in her pregnancy. I am also familiar with others who have not been able to come home with a beautiful miracle but instead have had to plan a funeral.

A baby is a miracle and moms are miracle creators. I want to honor and celebrate motherhood and all of the joys and trials that come with it. That has translated to creating my own vision and experience for my clients. I have invested in gowns, accessories, and props to make mama’s feel beautiful, adored, stunning, and important. I partner with several hair and make-up artists to allow for some pampering and quiet time in the crazy and busy world we live in. And I strive to create images that when you look back on them, you will remember what it was like to be just you and baby - those swirls, hiccups, and private conversations that no one else will get to experience. I want your pregnancy to be truly and deeply seen and honored.